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Highlighted Child from show airing 3-08-10

Karribe, 16,  dreams of having his own business--perhaps a chain of stores-- some day. He is always thinking of entrepreneurial ideas. Currently, he has what he calls a “little company,” which includes shoveling snow, raking leaves and other seasonal endeavors. Karribe enjoys music and is also contemplating a career as a music producer.

A very charming and friendly teenager, Karribe is easy to engage in conversation and eagerly talks about his likes and dislikes. Enrolled in the 10th grade, he gets along well with his teachers and classmates. He strives to please and impress others. In view of his plans for the future, It’s no surprise that his favorite classes are math and business.

Karribe would like to be adopted by a couple and have older siblings. He would also do well as the only child in the family. He has definite ideas on what adoption  means to him. “Parents can tell you when you’re doing right and when you’re doing wrong,“ he says. “Parents just love you for who you are.”

For adoption information, access the National Adoption Center’s website at

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