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Highlighted Child from show airing 6-28-10

Juwon, 12, is known for his charismatic personality. A little comedian, he loves to make people laugh. Juwon gets along well with most people and is popular with his peers. His favorite activities include playing drums, video games, drawing and basketball. Juwon struggles with what he perceives as the stigma of being a “foster child” at his school.

Tyrek, 9, is very friendly and enjoys a lot of attention and affection. He loves sports, especially football, basketball and baseball. Tyrek also likes playing video games. Enrolled in the third grade, he strives to be a good student and does well when praised for his efforts. The siblings are very close and dream of being adopted by the same family so they can grow up together. They are eligible for financial subsidy.

For adoption information, access the National Adoption Center’s website at

For further information on Juwon and Tyrek, contact:


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