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Highlighted Child from show airing 2-8-10

Energetic, caring and respectful are all words that describe Joseph, 15. His bright smile and engaging personality draw people to him. Although he can be shy when first meeting you, he soon warms up especially when the conversation is about Harry Potter. His goal is to be a professional basketball or football player. In addition to sports, Joseph enjoys playing video games, watching television and reading.

In the ninth grade, he is a good student and his report card is filled with A’s and B’s. Joseph does not like to see people treated unfairly. If he feels his peers are being wronged, he will act as their spokesman.

A family that can appreciate Joseph’s sensitivities and help his confidence grow would be ideal for him. He would love to be the only child in the family or the older brother so that he could be a mentor to the younger children. He is close to his siblings and they should remain in touch. ┬áHe is eligible for financial subsidy.

For further information on Joseph, contact Crystal Allen -


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