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Highlighted Child from show airing 3-15-10


Athletic, creative and inquisitive, Jay, 12,  loves sports and learning new activities. He especially enjoys running, swimming, fishing and playing basketball and tennis. He participates in a church youth group.
In the sixth grade, Jay benefits from a special education program and individual attention. He is learning to play the drums in his school band. When not in school, he likes playing video games, creating art and spending time with his friends. When he grows up, he would like to be a professional artist.
Jay’s dream is to be adopted. His ideal family would have a mom and a dad and some siblings. Jay would thrive with a patient, loving committed family that would guide him through his teens and give him the encouragement and support he needs to achieve his potential. He loves dogs and hopefully, the family would have one. He is eligible for financial subsidy.
For adoption information, access the National Adoption Center’s website at

For further information on Jay, contact


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