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Highlighted Child from show airing 3-01-10

Harry, 15, is a polite, well-mannered teenager with an eagerness and tenacity to succeed in whatever he does. He has a great sense of humor. Endowed with a natural athletic ability, Harry displays a keen sense of competition on the basketball court, the football field and track and field events. When not playing sports, he enjoys spending time outside with his friends, watching comedies, and reading mystery and horror novels.

Enrolled in the 10th grade in a regular classroom, Harry does very well academically. After high school, he wants to attend college to study law. He hopes  to play college football and then go on to play in the NFL. If he can’t have a career in football, he would like to be a sports lawyer.

A more immediate goal is to have a loving, patient and understanding “forever” family. Although ideally he would be the only child in the family, he wouldn’t mind being the older brother since he feels he would be a good mentor

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